Filing claims, identifying home modification needs and implementing changes
Our trained specialists perform outstanding home modifications with quality assurance
Home modifications performed with ease and cost efficiency

The Home Modification Solution

The solution to providing your client with a functional home modification has never been easier! The David Corey Company program provides solutions to your home modifications problems:

  1. Fear – How do you know you are getting an accurate scope of work and a qualified contractor? The David Corey Company's expertise takes the worry out of the picture and assures your project is completed appropriately.

  2. Frustration – The home modification process can be quite frustrating. Our working knowledge and management systems take the frustration away from you. We gladly accept that role on your behalf.

  3. Cost Control – How do you know you are getting a fair price? We provide itemized estimates showing where every penny goes, we use industry recognized standard pricing and we review each scope to make sure all that is included is medically necessary.

  4. Standards – Our home modification contractors complete all work to recognized accessibility standards as well as local code requirements.

  5. Warranty – Our contractors guarantee every repair and modification with an extended warranty.

To find out how our solution can work for your company, contact the David Corey Company today. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of home modification expertise with your company!