Filing claims, identifying home modification needs and implementing changes
Our trained specialists perform outstanding home modifications with quality assurance
Home modifications performed with ease and cost efficiency

The Home Modification Program

The David Corey Companys home modification program consists of five key elements:

  1. Open Book Policy: Many companies in the market place simply send out a contractor, then take the cost estimates and rewrite them with significant mark ups buried in the line items or lump sums. The result is the carrier seldom knows what they are really paying for or who is doing the work. The David Corey Company operates with an open book policy. The carrier will always know where every penny is going and who is doing the work. Guaranteed!

  2. Trained Specialists - The key to successful home modifications, is to have highly skilled accessibility specialists and contractors with specialized training. It is not enough to know how to build a wall, you need to know why you build a wall. Our home modification specialists and contractors know why because we provide training with knowing medical diagnosis, functional limitations with specific injuries, recognizing environmental barriers, working with caregivers and understanding not only the physical needs but the functional needs as well. This specialized training improves not only the quality of work, but also the quality of service.

  3. Performance Management - From the initial site visit to completion of the work, our performance is tracked and measured every step of the way.

  4. Quality Assurance Home modification projects are managed by industry professionals with years of experience. Combining medical knowledge, insurance knowledge, home modification construction knowledge and network management experience allows our management team to have a unique perspective and assures completion of work in a timely and efficient manner.

  5. Customer Service - Our Customer Service program is designed for both the injured worker and the insurer. Our proactive approach is designed to uncover issues while they remain small.

Please contact us at the David Corey Company today for more information regarding our home modification program. We will be more than happy to fully explain our plan and what we can accomplish for your company! We look forward to speaking with you soon!